Sunday Funday #2: Local Mercedes Dealership Goes Above and Beyond

Before I begin dissertation week, I am keeping with my weekly theme of featuring an item that I believe everyone should know about. Last week I featured Jimmy Fallon’s musical impersonations, and although the response to my poll was less than stellar, it seems clear that Fallon’s version of “Fancy” is far better than the original.

Today, I feature a car dealership with exceptional customer care and a sales team with an incredible amount of integrity that is committed to providing the customer with the best possible experience.

 Shattering the Salesperson Stereotype: Mercedes-Benz of Cary

The other day, while doing odd jobs for an acquaintance of mine, I was tasked with taking her three luxury vehicles in for inspection. Since two of the vehicles were Mercedes, we chose to have the inspections done at the Mercedes dealership located in Cary, North Carolina. Upon arriving at the dealership, my acquaintance (or temporary boss, whichever you prefer), saw a car on display that we was interested in buying. She began talking to Richard Meagher, one of the dealership’s Leasing and Sales consultants. She expressed interest in trading in one of her vehicles to purchase the car. However, instead of giving Richard the benefit of the doubt, she immediately expressed her concern that the dealership would try to rip her off, and that she had had bad experiences with Mercedes in the past. For this reason, she told Mr. Meagher that she expected him to make it up to her by giving her a good deal on the trade in and the price of the vehicle. After we were taken back to her residence by the courtesy transportation service coordinated by Service Adviser Gary Clement, I returned alone to the dealership with the 3rd car to be inspected. As per my boss’ request, I worked with Mr. Meagher to obtain a trade-in appraisal for one of her vehicles. Knowing that she had been disappointed with the dealership’s customer service in the past, Mr. Meagher went well above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that he made her the very best offer within his power. He had three different employees appraise the vehicle, and then he personally compared their appraisal to the Kelley Blue Book valuation. Although the car was not in perfect condition, he appraised the car based on it being in perfect condition, and even offered a trade in value that exceeded the Kelley Blue Book appraisal as an attempt to regain my boss’ business. Nevertheless, she did not accept his trade-in offer, but that is another story for another day.

Although Mr. Meagher knew that I currently fall well short of possessing the financial capability to purchase a Mercedes-Benz, he invited me into his office where he charged my phone and provided me with a comfortable place to sit while I was waiting for the inspections to be complete. He then proceeded to spend well over an hour of his time asking me questions about my graduate studies, about my opinions on various current event controversies that cropped up during our conversation, and took a genuine interest in my work as an educator and in me as a human being. We had a wonderful conversation about everything from philosophy and politics to where to go for good sushi. As anyone reading this blog probably knows, time is money. This is particularly true for car salesperson who works mostly if not exclusively off of commission. Knowing he would not be selling me a car, the fact that he spent so much time with me and genuinely cared about me as a human being is a testament to his integrity, and goes to show that the negative stereotypes of car salesmen are not always true. Mr. Meagher shattered this stereotype into a million pieces. If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I am doing is buying a Mercedes from Mr. Meagher. For all of these reasons, if anyone reading this blog is in the market for a Mercedes, I highly recommend Mr. Meagher as well as the rest of the customer care team at the dealership, which is located at 2400 Auto Park Boulevard, Cary, NC 27511. Mr. Meagher can be reached directly at or by phone at (919) 380-1800.